Private Dining DC – Balkan Restaurant Ambar

Washington D.C. is a hub for social gatherings, corporate events, holiday events and momentous occasions. As you meticulously plan your next soiree,  consider treating your guests to a true Balkan experience with a private dining experience at Ambar Restaurant.

A Balkan Escape in the Heart of D.C.

Step beyond the ordinary and curate an unforgettable evening for your  intimate group at Ambar. Our variety of private dining options at our 3 locations offer an oasis of Balkan charm,  perfect for small gatherings or larger corporate events.

Indulge in the warmth and intimacy that Ambar's private dining  ambience cultivates.  Imagine  your guests  engaging in  conversation amidst Ambar’s elegance and carefully curated decor. 

A Personalized Culinary Journey

At Ambar, we take pride in true Balkan hospitality, so personalization is paramount.  Our private dining  experience  affords you the opportunity to collaborate with our culinary  experts to craft a menu  tailored to your specific preferences.  Envision a delectable  spread  of Balkan  dishes  curated  especially for  your  guests,  each  bite  a  celebration  of  authentic  flavors  and  heritage.

Impeccable Service

Ambar's attentive staff is dedicated to exceeding  your expectations  during your private dining event.  Our  personalized service  ensures that every detail is addressed,  allowing you to  relax  and  savor  the  company  of  your  guests. We work closely with you throughout the planning process to make your event a memorable and stress-free one. 

Crafted for Every Occasion

Whether you are hosting a small, intimate gathering or a  corporate event, Ambar's private dining  options  can  accommodate  your  needs.  We have several event spaces that can  suit  the  size  and  style  of  your  event,  guaranteeing  an  unforgettable  experience for all attendees.

Experience the Magic of Ambar

For an extraordinary private dining experience that  celebrates  the  culinary  heritage  of  the  Balkans,  look  no  further  than Ambar  Restaurant.  Contact  our  team  today  to  start  planning  your  next  event  and  embark  on  a  culinary  journey  like  no  other.